JooHee Pomplun

For me, Healing Justice means reclaiming and embracing our bodies, our sensories, our cultures, and our innate knowledge for healing. It is becoming connected to all of these things again in addition to the land and environment in which we live and gives us life. This makes the People’s Movement Center and the life it breathed into our communities spiritually meaningful to me, even past its physical form.

I am continuing my bodywork from my home studio in Northeast Minneapolis with existing clients I have seen at PMC, and direct referrals from existing clients and friends. 


Sessions will often be a blend of the following modalities. 

Swedish Massage – This is the most common western massage style. Known for its long flowing strokes intertwined with the rolling and kneading of muscles, Swedish massage increases circulation and reduces tension in the body. 

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage – Often misunderstood as a technique that requires deep painful pressure, Deep Tissue massage is defined as a slow and specific technique that facilitates access to your body’s deeper layers of muscles, connective tissue, and fascia.  

Barnes’ Myofascial Release– John F Barnes has developed a specific technique for myofascial release (MFR). Fascia surrounds all structures in our bodies – nerves, muscles, bones, veins, everything down to the cellular level. Because fascia surrounds every structure of our body, any restrictions in our fascia will pull throughout the rest of our body as if you were pulling a thread from a sweater which can cause pain over time. Barnes’ MFR technique uses a firm but light sustained pressure that stretches the fascia to release throughout the body. MFR can be right for anyone.

Appointment Options – Description indicates what may be possible during the session; however all sessions are tailored to your needs based on a thorough discussion at start of appointment. Sliding fee scale is indicated in ( ) Please use sliding scale only if necessary.

People’s Fund clients may schedule up to 60 minute sessions. 

30 Minute Session ($40-30) – focus on 1 area of your body

60 Minute Session ($70-50) – focus on 1-2 areas of body or very basic full body

90 Minute Session ($105-75) – focus on 1 area of body and full body

120 Minute Session ($140-100) – focus on 1-2 areas of body and full body

Kickboxing Body Movement Class ($15-5) – all levels welcome. It is instructional, fun and a great work out! Can reserve spot via Book Now below. 

If you cannot find an available appointment that works for you, please feel free to contact me and we may be able to find something that works: or text 612-208-2517