Ayo Clemons is a body and energy worker, organizer and racial justice advocate.

In 2006 she co-founded SPEAC (Sustainable Progress through Engaging Active Citizens) a community organizing training based at Hope Community in Minneapolis. For almost ten years Ayo has worked with teens and adults for social justice through making art, storytelling, organizing and leadership development. The focus of her work has been to support community members in recognizing and actualizing their power. This focus, while still the same, has shifted from organizing to supporting healing space for others like herself.

In 2011, a number of difficult life experiences led her to realize that could not sustain herself or her work without a conscious and intentional focus on her health and wellness. In 2012, she began the Global Somatics Practitioner Program created by Suzanne River. This program anchored her love of various healing and wellness practices including dance, writing, meditation, visualization, self reflection, self awareness, metaphysical healing techniques, etc. After graduating in 2014, she became a part of the People’s Movement Center to support space for individual and collective healing.

Ayo’s life and organizing experience has given her a unique perspective on how systems of oppression can manifest as individual and collective trauma. Her certification in the Global Somatics Process has provided tools and techniques to support the healing of that trauma through tapping into the natural body as a powerful healing resource.

Ayo is particularly interested in providing and supporting space for Black women and Black women organizers and community workers to heal.

Offerings & Rates

The Global Somatics Process empowers individuals to activate channels between the physical body and energy field for self realization, authentic healing and conscious evolution.  My practice as a Global Somatics Practitioner includes both individual and group sessions. It is based in listening to and honoring the innate wisdom of the body. It is both educational and therapeutic. The term “Global” refers to the wide range of elements, modalities and styles. “Somatics” means of the body or body based. Suzanne River developed this process by weaving many somatic modalities with the art/discipline of relationship.

Through mutual exploration I offer personalized support through breathwork, hands on bodywork and energy work. Breathwork includes various breath exercises and support of a general awareness of breath. The energy work of the Global Somatics Process includes working with the chakra system, the auric field and Reiki. The hands on touch and movement explorations, including massage, are based in listening to the cells, systems and processes of the body to help you access your body as a powerful resource. Session work may also include facilitation of various breathing exercises, learning and connecting to the anatomy of the body, psychophysical processing, movement repatterning, education and support around trauma holding and healing in the body and art.

My session work and group facilitation is directed by the individual or collective needs. I customize the sessions based on what you are looking for and my skill set.

Appointments & More Info

Individual Sessions
I do an initial phone intake of 15 minutes and then, if I feel I can be of assistance, schedule a session with you. Individual sessions are 1.5 hours and are $100.

Group Facilitation
My skill set for group facilitation includes a mix of community organizing training/facilitation and Global Somatics. I am especially interested in facilitating community based groups who desire to incorporate self awareness and healing practices into their work and lives. My rates for group facilitation vary from my individual session rates. Please contact me with questions about group facilitation.

To schedule an initial phone intake, set up a group facilitation or if you have questions please contact me at: AyoSomatics@gmail.com. More info can be found on my website: AyoSomatics.com.