Nathaniel Gonzalez


I am both an unlikely healer and an unlikely fit for the Midwest, but here I am, an east coast boy with a lot of Midwest love and a deep connection to wellness practice.

I have spent most of my life traveling around the country, moving every year or so, living predominately in poor, working class, and/or military communities. I was politicized early through the Black and Brown matriarchs in my life and held my first campaign in 8th grade to oppose misogynistic clothing policies in my school. However, I came to a formal language around justice through the academy and learned about community organizing by way of non-profit work.

Because of all of this I feel a deep affinity to work with folk who know they’re called to a practice but don’t know why just yet or who just want someone to keep it real with them without the fluff of appropriate language*. I orient around starting where you are and with the language you use for yourself. I will share language, as it is useful, or as asked for to name an experience.

About my training: I completed a 32hr StreetYoga training in 2009 to work with folks experiencing homelessness, received my Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr certification in 2012 with Beyond Asana with a focus on alignment based Vinyasa and completed a 32hr Yin certification with Wake Up Yoga in 2013.

I will often incorporate Nidra (yogic sleep) and pranayama (breathwork) to classes or individual practices.

I came to Reiki as an energy practice because I had been intuitively unintentionally and intentionally moving energy for many years. I studied at the Reiki School + Clinic of Philadelphia and am a Reiki master completing certification in 2014.

I believe that group facilitation and organizational development are also healing practices for communities and group spaces. I have a facilitation practice that includes: Intersectionality, consensus building, leadership styles, and meditation. My training occurred both on the job as well as with Training for Change completing over 250 hours of facilitation training. And completed 2/3rd’s an Organizational Development MS program through Pepperdine University.

My bodywork, energywork, and facilitation practices have included: youth, folks experiencing homelessness, femmes, BIPOC folks, and TGNC/NB bodies. My work is rooted in harm reduction, intersectionality, and healing justice.

Appointments & More Info

Please email

Offerings & Rates

Prior to all 1:1 work together, I ask for a 30-minute introductory call or in-person session to assess whether we might be a good fit. Group classes are drop-in and do not require any prior emails or communication.

All costs are sliding scale and will be discussed following our initial session. All sessions are 1.5 hours

From January-March 2019, there are package discounts for first time clients.

Trans & Queer Yoga Class: Alignment focused group class that centers the experiences of TGNCNB & Queer bodies. Why? To share generative, non-cruising or networking space.
Heterosexual allies are asked to not attend.

Reiki/ 1:1 Yoga / Yoga & Reiki: Individual Sessions: Each session will be held individually and tailored to the needs of the client. Over the course of practice together, however, our work will build on itself as it supports you.