Susan Raffo


I began to study bodywork in 2005 and struggled to feel that this work was as political relevant as the community organizing I had done for years previously. In 2009 I attended the Healing Justice Practice Space at the US Social Forum in Atlanta and it changed my life. For the first time I found movement people, radical people, social justice people, who were  interested in the places where systems of power and oppression were held in the tissues of the individual body as well as within systems and communities. I am interested in this work, work that refuses to separate how we individually connect with life from how we collectively claim our lives. I work towards the end of the medical industrial complex and want to lift up practices and traditions that have been co-opted or forced into disappearance.  I have worked collaboratively on workshops applying body and movement practice to collective movement building. You can find more information about my work at

​I am also a writer and community organizer.  I am an intermittent blogger. I published Queerly Classed in 1995 and Restricted Access in 1997. ​​Other pieces that feel connected to how I do my practice include Healing Justice at the US Social ForumResourcing: On Fundraising as building community and sustainabilityHow I Became Italian,  and White Noise.​  


Individual sessions

I am currently not taking any new folks.